Welcome to the Magical World of Auntie’s Diaper Cakes!

We are a new store, and we are excited to work and share our magical creations. We have been creating homemade diaper cakes for a few years, and have decided to expand to an online store. We have also started adding in other baby related items such as strollers, traveling baby beds, toys, and more on our website. 

We focus a lot on the art of creating diaper cakes. We aspire to make your special diaper cake gift ideas a reality.

A lot of our work is custom ordered products. For example; you are hosting a Baby Shower and would like homemade centerpieces. Whether or not you have a budget, we will work with you to create beautiful centerpieces at competitive prices! 

Please, don’t hesitate to contact us at auntiesmagicaldiapercakes@gmail.com, or message us anytime to chat.

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