About Us


My name is Auntie Abbie. I am pleased to tell you how I came to own a diaper cake shop. My passion for creating diaper cakes began a few years ago when I was seeking baby shower ideas for my friend. Everyone was in awe when they saw my diaper cake. As a Mother and Aunt, I am constantly on the lookout for ways to create lasting memories and peaceful moments. I hope that you can use my products to create your own special memories, which is why I decided to open a shop and share that wonder and joy with you.

In the last couple of months, per customer request, we have morphed into an everything baby store.  From strollers, car seats, cloth diapers, and baby blankets to pacifiers, sippy cups, feeding spoons, toys, stuffed animals, and yes, all-natural body soap.

To further what we can do for our customers with the bigger ticketed items, we partnered with Lay Buy Layaway and the only universal Gift Registry shop from MyRegistry.com for your baby registry (whether you are looking to create one or add our products to your existing registry, we now have you covered). 

In addition to all of these exciting ventures, we are working on several other projects. One, in particular, is the community outreach program. Instead of giving money to major brands for advertisement, we decided to create a program in which we will be giving five cents for every dollar spent, to an organization of your choice. It will be as simple as filling out a google form. We will send you a discount code to be used at check out, and money earned will be mailed out to these select organizations monthly.

This is all very exciting and we would like to thank you all for your business and support. 

Thank you again for giving us the chance to supply your special baby shower gifts and baby supplies. 

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